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Project Enroll is an idea whose time has come for Catholic education. Gone are the days when we could rely on word of mouth and school reputation. We need professional and sophisticated management practices in our Catholic schools. The kind of enrollment management that Amy Holsinger does -- driven by research and accomplished by parent volunteers -- build more than enrollment. It builds a sense of common mission and school community. She gets results, but much more than just higher enrollment numbers. She gets parents involved, pastors and administrators engaged and school alumni inspired. That kind of return on your investment is as meaningful for your school today as it is valuable for your school's future.

Rev.. John Belmonte, S.J., Ph.D.

Superintendent of Catholic Schools

Diocese of Joliet, IL

Holy Apostles School hired Amy Holsinger from Project Enroll in the summer of 2014. Within a matter of three months, Amy was able to provide a detailed competitive analysis of the surrounding schools and help us to clearly define what makes Holy Apostles unique in our local school marketplace. Amy was also able to help us gather data and determine target areas for growth that we had not thought about in the past. Our experience with Amy Holsinger and Project Enroll has been nothing but positive. Her professionalism and thoroughness has allowed us to work towards developing a strategic marketing, recruitment, and retention plan that is now focused and time oriented. With the help of Project Enroll, I am confident that Holy Apostles School will no longer be “the best kept secret” in New Berlin.

Melissa Trepte Principal

Holy Apostles School

New Berlin, WI

Amy Holsinger of Project Enroll was hired by Notre Dame School to create and implement a marketing plan to increase enrollment and help retain current students. This plan was based upon her research of our school and local area demographics.

She has brought together a volunteer group of school parents to form a Marketing and Enrollment Team which has been instrumental in executing her plan. Her background in project management has been invaluable, bringing with her a keen eye for detail and a genuine passion to lead, inspire and guide. Although not from Notre Dame, she has taken this group of volunteers and turned them into a “well-run machine” who have been inspired by her experience and dedication.

In January, we held two open houses with 22 new families in attendance. Because of these gatherings and the solid efforts of the Marketing & Enrollment Team, we enrolled 20 new students which is an increase of 9% for the 2010/2011 school year.

In closing, there is a definite value in marketing Catholic schools and I am hopeful that the marketing efforts of Project Enroll will help to solidify the foundation of the school through building enrollment and making retention an equally important priority.

The late Father Robert Schuler, Pastor

Notre Dame School

Clarendon Hills, IL

The decision to hire Project Enroll at Notre Dame School was both a sound and intelligent one. Amy Holsinger created a marketing plan for Notre Dame and recruited and trained a core group of Marketing & Enrollment Team volunteers to implement this plan. The result was a 9% increase in student enrollment. What is unique about Project Enroll is its strategy in developing a volunteer marketing and enrollment team at each individual school. In addition, it provided our group with the skills and tools needed to continue our success long after the relationship with Project Enroll had ended. We continue to have a team at Notre Dame School capable of successfully executing the marketing plan put in place by Amy Holsinger. Project Enroll was both a great decision and investment as we continue to reap the rewards of student retention and increased enrollment.

Kim Gallagher, Marketing & Enrollment Team Leader

Notre Dame School

As a volunteer on the Notre Dame Marketing & Enrollment Team, I would like to thank Amy for all of her hard work and leadership. She was patient with our learning curve and tough when needed. We are stronger because of her leadership.

Carey Harrington, Volunteer

Notre Dame School Marketing & Enrollment Team

Amy has been instrumental in ensuring increased enrollment for our school. Working closely with school administration, she helped to determine enrollment gaps by grade level. Amy then designed and implemented programs and events to address these enrollment needs. The result has been an increase in our enrollment which amounted to approximately $50,000 in tuition income for the 2009/2010 school year and $60,000 in tuition income for the 2010/2011 school year. I am confident that Amy will not only bring her experience, but also the same high level of energy, creativity, and dedication to any Catholic School.

Marcia Opal, Principal

St Michael School

Wheaton, IL

Amy Holsinger was contracted by Holy Family Catholic School to create a marketing plan for our new, merged school (the merging of St Joseph Catholic school and St Charles Boromeo Catholic school). Amy’s work was invaluable as we created one new culture and community for Holy Family. Amy performed interviews with current staff and families, as well as with families that left our school as a result of the merge. The insight provided by this task was amazing. Amy also put together a marketing and enrollment team that is running strong today. This team has implemented many creative and effective programs to aid in retention and enrollment for our school. Additionally, Amy led our team in a Value Proposition exercise which helped in the writing of our brochure and creation of our marketing and enrollment video.

In today’s economic climate, marketing is critical to the success of Catholic schools, and Amy most certainly helped to position Holy Family for great success!

Corie Alimento, Principal

Holy Family Catholic School

Bensenville, IL

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Amy Holsinger and Project Enroll to you.

Our Lady of Peace School is a strong school which can still benefit from some thoughtful marketing advice in order to help us maintain that very strength. Amy, like a breath of fresh air, joined our team and was able to sweep away the cobwebs that we were too close to see! She honestly evaluated our position, through exhaustive research, and was able to objectively point out to us how to communicate our strengths to our constituents.

By identifying where we excel, and aiding us in identifying those areas that needed some attention, Amy was able to guide us toward focusing our marketing efforts. Always positive, always professional, Amy Holsinger is an asset to any team. I heartily endorse Amy and Project Enroll.

Mickey Tovey, Principal

Our Lady of Peace School

Darien, IL

Amy Holsinger of Project Enroll was hired in the fall of 2010 to help St. Alexander Catholic School develop a Marketing and Enrollment plan and team of volunteers to implement that plan. With her guidance and leadership, we now have a team of 25 volunteers, comprised of parents, parishioners and alumni who are working together to market the school. Her professionalism and pleasant personality made it easy to work with her on this project. If you are looking to create a marketing plan and create or jump start your marketing team, Amy Holsinger of Project Enroll is who I would recommend.

Glenn F. Purpura, Principal

St Alexander Catholic School

Villa Park, IL

We recently partnered with Amy Holsinger of Project Enroll to boost our marketing efforts and to fine-tune our enrollment and admissions procedures. Amy’s advice was much needed and well received by the School Board, the faculty, and our entire Parish community.

Amy, who is very familiar with the current challenges and demands of Catholic education in today’s society, worked closely and tirelessly with our team to provide us with relevant data we can use to market our school and to serve families in the area. Her corporate background was just the right fit for our community. Thanks to her skill set, she identified the right jobs for the right people and things started to bloom.

She challenged, inspired, and encouraged our diverse and passionate team with positive results for our School community. I was doubly pleased, as principal, because her partnership let me focus more and more on student achievement and spiritual growth. I highly recommend Amy and her Project Enroll services for Catholic schools everywhere, especially those who need accurate data to make decisions for future growth and stability.

Amy also provided us with expert insight to streamline our registration and admission process, and with her guidance, our numbers have stabilized and we are experiencing, for the first time in many years, stable numbers thanks to her retention-recruitment programs.

The very best attribute of our partnership with Project Enroll comes from Amy’s first-hand understandings and experiences of Catholic elementary schools. She “get’s it” when it comes to educating others about the value of a Catholic education and the benefits we provide to families and children for a life-time. As a professional ambassador of Catholic education, her keen insight and diplomatic style will help persuade a Pastor, encourage faculty, and convince a School Board. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Amy Holsinger/Project Enroll.

Joe Leppert, Principal

St Andrew the Apostle Catholic School

Romeoville, IL

Amy is a strategic marketing professional with the experience and skill to drive sustainable growth. Her project management capability and team leadership and development background, coupled with her singular work in Catholic School enrollment marketing put her on the frontlines in the mission to create endurance and growth in Catholic Education. Amy is valued for her strategic orientation, her management talent, and her team leadership abilities.

I have worked with Amy on many projects and proudly recommend her.

Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Principal

Catalyst Marketing

November 1, 2016

Facing a declining pool of eligible students related to a downtrend in the teenage population, the Board of Directors decided to seek outside guidance to capture as much of the shrinking pool as possible. To achieve our goal, the Board hired Amy Holsinger, Founder of Project Enroll, in the spring of 2016. Her task was to develop a customized Recruiting Plan that would guide school leadership in its overall planning and execution for recruitment and retention activities. We quickly learned how extremely thorough Amy was in her research and analysis of voluminous data. She covered, in her detailed and focused analysis, such areas as gender balance, feeder school profiles, census analysis by zip code, communications and competitive strategies and tactics for recruiting. All of the analysis resulted in a step‐ by‐ step implementation of a Recruiting Plan. Throughout the process, Amy was not only very professional, but also demonstrated excellent presentation skills in addressing the Board with her findings and recommendations.

Ray Reid
Chair, Board of Directors
St. Francis High School
Wheaton, IL.

August 3, 2013

Marian Catholic High School entered into an agreement with Amy Holsinger of Project Enroll for a project that would yield valuable data for the upcoming Strategic Planning Process. The contracted period was for the summer of 2013 and the results of the contractual relationship were very beneficial.

Marian Catholic contracted with Project Enroll for the following services:

  • Competitive Analysis including both Catholic and public schools

  • Census Analysis for 2011 and projected for 2016

  • Value Proposition exercise to help define Marian Catholic’s marketing strategy

Amy conducted interviews with administrators, Directors of the Board, parents, and a variety of staff members directly and indirectly involved in PR/Marketing and Recruitment efforts. Amy was very thorough both in gathering data and in reporting it. She kept to her time line and communicated well with the school throughout the process.

In addition to being diligent in fulfilling the terms of her contracted services, Amy Holsinger demonstrated a manner that was always pleasant and accommodating. Her gracious and friendly demeanor put participants at ease, thus facilitating the interview process.

Our experience with Project Enroll was a very positive one and I would recommend Amy Holsinger to other schools wishing to enter into a similar exercise as the one in which Marian Catholic High School participated.

Sister Judine Hilbing, O.P.

President, Marian Catholic High School


In January, 2011, JCA hired Amy Holsinger, a Marketing and Enrollment consultant, to help our team create a marketing plan. I would highly recommend Amy as she was instrumental in helping us to understand our enrollment challenges and marketing needs. She has worked with a number of Catholic schools in the Diocese of Joliet and we have really benefited from her expertise.

Here is a brief overview of what Project Enroll delivered to JCA:

Competitive Analysis – Amy created a competitive analysis comparing JCA to several Catholic schools and a number of public schools in the surrounding areas. She reviewed close to 30 points of data including ACT scores, number of AP courses offered, tuition amount, sports and activity participation rate, technological offerings, class size, school and activity bussing availability, and quality of facilities, to name just a few. This helped us to know where we stand versus our “competition” – our strengths as well as where we need to improve.

Value Proposition – Amy implemented a Value Proposition exercise helping us to prioritize and crystalize the JCA message across all of our departments.

Census Analysis by Zip Code – Amy implemented a full zip code analysis helping us to further target the JCA prospects. The 2010 census is full of great demographic data, and we now know specifically who we should be targeting.

Middle school and grade school feeder analysis – Although we know much about our feeders, Amy helped us to focus on our best feeder schools to maximize our impact with these schools.

I highly recommend Amy Holsinger of Project Enroll, and would be happy to answer any questions about Amy. Please feel free to contact me or Amy directly. Amy can be reached at 630 730-9761.

Diane Nowaczak Director of Institutional Advancement

 Joliet Catholic Academy High School


Mission Statement

To produce sustainable growth in Catholic high school and grade school enrollment by partnering with school administration and volunteers to assess, strategize, team build, and establish marketing events and programs through solid project leadership and management.