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Enrollment Building Strategies for Catholic High Schools

Project Enroll is a consulting firm focused on building Catholic high school and grade school enrollment. Project Enroll accomplishes this through organizational consulting and assessment, strategic partnerships with school leaders, creation of recruitment programs, and internal and external marketing and communication initiatives.

What Project Enroll can do for your Catholic High School:

Creation and Management of successful Recruiting programs to help your school boost its enrollment – Project Enroll will analyze your school’s needs with regard to recruiting programs. Open Houses, Shadow days, Coffees, Tours, New Student Events, and prospect events are just a few of the programs Project Enroll can help you to create.

Competitive Analysis – Project Enroll will create a competitive analysis comparing your high school to Catholic schools and public schools in the surrounding areas. Project Enroll reviews some 30 points of data including ACT scores, number of AP courses offered, tuition amount, sports and activity participation rate, technological offerings, class size, school and activity bussing availability, and quality of facilities, to name just a few. This will help your high school to know where it stands versus your “competition” – defining your strengths as well as areas in need of improvement.

Value Proposition – Project Enroll will implement a Value Proposition exercise to help your school define “who” it is and to further prioritize and crystalize your message.

Census Analysis by Zip Code – Project Enroll will implement a full zip code analysis helping your school to further target its prospects. Want to know how many 14-19 year olds live in the next town over? The 2010 census is full of great demographic data, and Project Enroll can help you synthesize this information to further grow your base of students.

Middle school and grade school feeder analysis – Although you know much about your feeder schools, let Project Enroll assist with focusing in on key feeder relationships, connections, and the best ways to “get in the door”.


Mission Statement

To produce sustainable growth in Catholic high school and grade school enrollment by partnering with school administration and volunteers to assess, strategize, team build, and establish marketing events and programs through solid project leadership and management.